The Dreadsylvanian Dungeon

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The Dreadsylvanian Dungeon
The Dreadsylvanian Dungeon

You're in a convoluted labyrinth of corridors beneath the castle. A sign helpfully points toward three places of interest: The cell blocks, the boiler room, and the guardroom.

You've seen the sign. Which way will you go?

Go to the cell block
You take ironic advantage of your lack of incarceration by purposely going to a prison.
(if you already acted in this non-combat): You move down the corridor toward the cell block, but a portcullis slams down in front of you. Looks like the dungeon is tired of your crap.

Head for the boiler room
You head down the downward-sloping corridor to the castle's boiler room.
(if you already acted in this non-combat):You head toward the boiler room, but a burst of scalding steam drives you back the way you came. The dungeon is angry at you, it seems.

Check out the guardroom
You head down the hall toward the guardroom. The closer you get, the more fungus adorns the walls.
(if you already acted in this non-combat):You approach the mushroom-choked guardroom, but find that the entrance has been completely plugged up with fungal growth.

Use a ghost pencil
You stick the ghost pencil into your head and annotate your mental map of the area. You'll be able to find your way back here really easily now.

You swallow every Adventuring instinct you've got, and leave the dungeon without plundering it.

Occurs at Dreadsylvanian Castle.