The Deli Lama

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The Deli Lama

The Deli Lama Counterman runs The Deli Lama in Beyond the Pale. You can spend 1 Karma here to buy one consumable item to take to your next run.

Jermery's Permer

The Deli Lama Counterman:

"Welcome to the Deli Lama, where we make sure you don't go into your next life with inadequate refreshment. Limit one per customer. Some restrictions may apply."

Items Sold

Ast dinner.gif astral hot dog dinner Karma.gif 1
Ast 6pack.gif astral six-pack Karma.gif 1


  • You may buy only one item from this store. Upon trying to purchase more than one item, you receive the message:
You've already got an item from the deli. Don't be greedy!
  • Purchases aren't finalized until you reincarnate. You can change your mind before that.
  • These items are not available during Bad Moon. Trying to take an item from the Astral Pet or the Deli Lama while having selected the Bad Moon path yields the message:
Sorry, but you can't take an astral pet or deli item in to a Bad Moon ascension. Are you trying to pull a fast one?