The Degrassi Knoll Gym

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Results of the burn-feeling
The Degrassi Knoll Gym
Knoll hostile.gif
Zone Num 353
Location Degrassi Knoll (Hostile)
Unlocks Talking to the Untinker or receiving Bitchin' Meatcar Quest
Recom Stat 10
Combat %
ML 10 - 11
Terrain indoor
Special Adventures
Lucky none
Turtle A Rolling Turtle Gathers No Moss
refreshedit data

The Degrassi Knoll Gym is located in Degrassi Knoll in the Nearby Plains. The hostile version is a combat zone and the friendly version is a small area for gaining stats. A primary stat of 10 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

This zone might be too tough for you.
(It is recommended that you have at least 10 <mainstat> to adventure here.)


Combat Adventures

one-eyed Gnoll This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)
Dk oneeye.gif

Gnollish Bodybuilder This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)
Dk builder.gif
  • Item Drops: enchanted barbell, gnoll lips, gnoll teeth
  • Meat Drop: 17-26
  • Monster Level: 10 • Substat Gain: 2.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 20
  • Monster Defense: 9
  • Hit Points: 5
  • Initiative: 60
  • Elemental Alignment: None

Gnollish Crossdresser This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)
Dk cross.gif


The Degrassi Knoll Gym
The Degrassi Knoll Gym

Welcome, Citizen. Would you like to spend some time with one of our personal trainers? It's guaranteed to bulk up your muscles.

Work out for [textbox] Adventure(s)
Feel the Burn


The gym is empty, which isn't particularly surprising. It's slightly more surprising to find that all the equipment is still here, although you suppose it's a bit heavy for scavenging.
You briefly consider having a go at pumping a little iron, but decide not to risk accidentally tearing both of your arms off. The ol' joints aren't as strong as they used to be.