The Archwizard's Tower

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The Archwizard's Tower
The Archwizard's Tower
Zone Num 524
Location FantasyRealm, by LyleCo
Recom Stat
Combat %
refreshedit data

The Archwizard's Tower is located in the Cursed Village.

Superhuman (5) Cold Resistance is required to adventure here. Without it, you will see only the message:

"As you approach the door to the Archwizard's Tower, an overwhelming blast of frigid air from an unseen vent nearly bowls you over."

Non-combat Adventures

Don't Be Arch
Don't Be Arch
  • Fight him: Fight Archwizard
  • Fight him [bad idea]: Lose all HP
  • Leave for now: Leave
  • Note: First choice is only available with the charged druidic orb equipped