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This page attempts to keep track of all current projects on the wiki.

As always, try to empty the Needs Work, Needs Content, Needs Cleanup, Needs Confirmation, and Needs Review categories.

Spading the plurals

Many items have different text when obtaining a plural amount of them. Complete the list at Template:Plural.

Using the item template

We're current standardizing and converting all item descriptions to use the item template. See Proposed Standards#Item Pages for the ongoing effort. This is currently spearheaded by Quietust.

Monster drops

Yiab generally has taken care of item/meat drops from monsters.

Elemental monster type


Various monsters need their elemental type comfirmed. A monster is of that element if it's resistant to it or weak against it's two corresponding others. Check here for location that still need confirmation.

Using two types of elemental damage at once guarantees easy determination of a monster's element. That is, if your equipment/active effects/familiar attack does at least 2 damage of each type.