That's your cue

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That's your cue
That's your cue

You walk into the Haunted Billiards Room and look around. You see just about what you'd expect -- a cobweb-covered pool table, a few cobweb-covered barstools, and, oh, hey! A cobweb-covered rack of pool cues.

You help yourself to one.

Poolcue.gifYou acquire an item: pool cue

Occurs at The Haunted Billiards Room, if there is no pool cue in your inventory. (Either having a pool cue no longer disables this NC, or it is not true for some paths, including Path of the Plumber and License to Adventure.)


  • This is a regular non-combat, but it only occurs once per ascension.
  • You cannot roll the Welcome To Our ool Table non-combat until you have received this first.
  • Prior to November 10th, 2019, this encounter was thought to be a superlikely adventure, with a chance of 25%, affected by Combat Frequency modifiers. It is possible it used to be a superlikely before some of the various Spookyraven Manor changes.