Terrycloth Tackle

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Outfit number: 30
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The Terrycloth Tackle is an outfit.

Terrycloth Tackle

Outfit Bonus:
Damage Absorption +30

Hat: Turban.gif makeshift turban
Back: Towelcape.gif makeshift cape
Pants: Towelskirt.gif makeshift skirt
Terrycloth Tackle (Male)


Terrycloth Tackle (Female)




  • The towel outfit and its tattoo are a reference to the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, probably to that part of the book where it explains the many different uses of a towel. "The towel" is featured in many places in the book, and after the death of author Douglas Adams, a Towel Day was established.
  • The outfit image bears a questionable resemblance to the South Park character Towelie.

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