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{{#switch:{{{1}}}|lucky|sr|semirare|semi|clover=*''Note'': This adventure is triggered whenever you adventure here while feeling [[Lucky!]].|seal= *''Note'': Occurs only for [[Seal Clubber]]s.|turtle=*''Note'': A [[Turtle Taming]] adventure ([[Turtle Tamer]] only).|bm=*''Note'': [[Bad Moon]] only.|hobo=*''Note'': Occurs only when adventuring with a [[hobo code binder]] equipped.|postal=*''Note'': Occurs during the [[Going Postal]] quest.|ur=* ''Note'': An [[Ultra Rares|ultra rare]] adventure.|sl|super|superlikely=*''Note'': A [[superlikely]] adventure.|slo|osl|supero|superone=*''Note'': A [[Ascension#One Time|one-time]] [[superlikely]] adventure.|fist=*''Note'': Only occurs on the 12th turn spent in this zone on a [[Way of the Surprising Fist]] run.|lowkey=*''Note'': Only occurs on the 12th turn spent in this zone on a [[Low Key Summer]] run.|cartography=*''Note'': Occurs as your first non-combat in this zone (or your first adventure, if there are no noncombats) if you have [[Comprehensive Cartography]].}}


For use inside other templates that wish to include a standardized note about the type of adventure.

  • Usage is {{TypeNote|type}}.
  • Using this template at the start of a new line will add extra space; if used as part of a list it should used on the same line as the preceding list item.
  • Values for type are: lucky, seal, turtle, hobo, postal, bm, ur, super, superone, fist, lowkey, cartography.
For example, {{TypeNote|bm}} produces: