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|[[File:Advent_{{{1|1}}}.gif|Section #{{{1|1}}}]] |[[File:Torn{{#rand:1|13}}.gif|Torn-Out Section]]



Similar to the Sandbox, this page is here for you to play around with templates. Do what you like with it, but please leave this explanatory section.

Insert your desired template contents above between the "includeonly" tags, and alter the instance below to include any parameters you may need. You may need to purge this page to see the effects of changes to this template's code. The same also holds for any other template. Otherwise, you may have to wait several minutes before the wiki starts using the new code.

Always give a template a category, even if it is Category:Test Templates. For help on how a template works, read some documentation.

Current Test: StandardExpirationBgcolor


All arguments are keyword selectable only.

  • year: Required. The year in which the current item, skill, or familiar was released. This is used to pick the correct background color.
  • style: Optional. Additional CSS style(s) to apply.


{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center"
! Item
! Released on
| [[packaged knock-off retro superhero cape]]
| {{Template:Test|year=2020}} | Nov. 2020
| [[unopened diabolic pizza cube box]]
| {{Template:Test|year=2019|style=text-align: right; font-weight: bold}} | Nov. 2019
|- {{Template:Test|year=2018}}
| [[voter registration form]]
| Nov. 2018
| [[pantogram]]
| {{Template:Test|year=2017}} | Nov. 2017
| [[Build-a-City Gingerbread kit]]
| {{Template:Test|year=2016}} | Dec. 2016

Item Released on
packaged knock-off retro superhero cape Torn-Out Section | Nov. 2020
unopened diabolic pizza cube box Torn-Out Section | Nov. 2019
voter registration form Nov. 2018
pantogram Torn-Out Section | Nov. 2017
Build-a-City Gingerbread kit Torn-Out Section | Dec. 2016