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One Nightstand in The Haunted Bedroom
Mahogany   Ornate   Rustic   Elegant   Simple  
Check the top drawer half of a memo or old coin purse Open the top drawer 400-600 Meat Check the top drawer 50-200 Roguishness Open the single drawer Lady Spookyraven's finest gown Look in the top drawer old leather wallet
Check the bottom drawer Lose HP Open the bottom drawer 50-200 Magicalness Check the bottom drawer grouchy restless spirit or nothing Break a leg (off of the nightstand) elegant nightstick Look in the bottom drawer 50-200 Strengthliness
Look under the nightstand Spookyraven Manor Quest Item Look behind the nightstand Lord Spookyraven's spectacles Investigate the jewelry Fight remains of a jilted mistress Use a ghost key 100 of each stat Use a ghost key 200 Beefiness
Use a ghost key Gain meat Look under the nightstand disposable instant camera Use a ghost key 200 Smarm
Use a ghost key 200 Mysteriousness Check under the nightstand (rare) Engorged Sausages and You