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Harrr! Ahoy there, matey! Pirates are everywhere in the Kingdom, and you don't have to cross avast ocean to meet them; you just need a little dinghy. In The Obligatory Pirate's Cove some pirates arrr sassy, some arrr shifty and some arrr swarrrthy. Fight enough pirates and you may pillage a sucky familiar, some charrrming bracelets, and (yo ho ho) a bottle of rum. You won't find Pieces of Eight but you can get pieces of pirates and a dead man's chest. Opening this chest is one pirate puzzle that has never been solved. If you want to hook up with some pirates, you can disguise yourself as one of them, but be carrreful! They might drink you under the table!

Arrrmetia is one pirate who could easily swab the deck with you. However some pirates -- like the Spooky Pirate Skeleton and the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot -- can be your hearties (though some assembly is required.) Pirates can help you set an open course for cursed booty. One day a year, pirates leave the harrrbor for the arrrbor, and don't forget the special day when everyone talks like a pirate.

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