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2009: The Crimbo story documentation has been updated with the events of the last couple of Crimbos.

2008: In inventory, the name of an equipment slot at the top is now a link to that section of the equipment page.

2008: The "From" display when you open gift packages is now a proper player link. This means you can now use the right-click menu, if you've got it enabled, to quickly send a thank-you note if you want to.

2006: A bunch of new skills are now available from your friendly neighborhood Guild Trainer. All classes now have skills up to level 14, except Turtle Tamers, who only got a level 13 skill, and Accordion Thieves, who got their skills all the way to 15.

2006: The Armory and Leggery, in an impressive show of mercantile fortitude, has come to acquire all of the equipment that used to be sold by the Demon Market.

2005: In a classic case of "better late than never," March's monthly special has been placed in Mr. Store. It's not a familiar this month, but it's familiar-related.