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2010: This year's Comic Con CYOA is now available at http://images.kingdomofloathing.com/cyoa/ (Number 5 is alive!)

2008: A PDF of this year's Comic-Con Choose-Your-Own-Adventure booklet has been posted (along with last year's and the year before's) over on this page.

2007: You can no longer make Wine Cellar monsters drop all the possible bottles of dusty wine via unscrupulous URL crafting.

2007: The war frat streaker now properly counts as a frat boy casualty.

2005: Post-Ascension Ronin period has been reduced to 800 adventures. There is speculation that Ronin period will eventually settle down around 500 adventures as the speed run leader boards continue to mature.

2005: Also, some adventures were added to the pre-disguise Pirate's Cove.

2003: Whenever you get an item or a quantity of Meat attached to a message, the message will now contain a picture. This should make it impossible to scam people the way some unsavory types have been doing. If anybody figures out a way to fake the new way, please tell me.