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<table style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><tr><td>{{#if:{{{item|}}}|[[File:{{Data|{{{item}}}|image|nopic2.gif}}|link={{{item|}}}]]|[[File:confused.gif|Something|link=]]}}</td><td style="vertical-align: middle;">{{#ifeq:{{{beats|0}}}|

0|You {{#if:{{{item|}}}|{{{type|acquire}}} {{#ifeq:{{{num|1}}}|1|an item: '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''|'''{{#switch:{{{num}}}| 11=[[eleven|11]]| 23=[[twenty-three|23]]| 37=[[thirty-seven|37]]|{{formatnum:{{{num}}}}}}} {{plural|{{{item}}}}}'''}}|{{{type|acquire}}}... something.}} {{#if:{{{tohagnk|}}}|(stored in Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage)}} {{#if:{{{chance|}}}|'''({{{chance}}} chance)[[Statistics Notes|*]]'''}}{{#switch:{{{num}}}| 11=<br />(That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.)| 23=<span style="color:white;">FNORD</span>| 37=<br />(In a row?!)}}{{#ifexist:Data:{{{item}}}||<span style="display:none">[[Data:{{{item}}}]]</span>}}|{{#switch:{{{beats}}}| 1={{#switch:{{#rand:1|3}}| 1={{haiku|Cranes frozen in flight|time seems to stand still for you|As you spy a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.}}| 2={{haiku|By the harvest moon|you can spy a gleaming '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.|You hork it and jet.}}| 3={{haiku|Hey, look, it's a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''!|Just like grandma used to make.|Gaffle it right now.}}}}| 2={{#switch:{{#rand:1|3}}| 1={{haiku|By a lotus plant|You see a nifty '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.|You grab it and go.}}| 2={{haiku|Wind through the bamboo|whispers, "here, have a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''."|You do not argue.}}| 3={{haiku|Hey, want a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''?|Feel the greed within you rise|come to the dark side.}}}}| 3={{#switch:{{#rand:1|2}}| 1={{haiku|Loot falls like spring rain,|keen eyes spy a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.|''Yoink!'' Now it is yours.}}| 2={{haiku|Can't get what you want,|unless it's an '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.|Serendipity!}}}}| 4={{#switch:{{#rand:1|2}}| 1={{haiku|A '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''|is now yours for the taking.|As such, you take it.}}| 2={{haiku|You find an item.|A '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]''', in fact.|A looter is you!}}}}| 5={{#switch:{{#rand:1|2}}| 1={{haiku|'''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''|was once your foe's, is now yours.|Beaters-up, keepers.}}| 2={{haiku|Near you on the ground|is a '''[[{{{item}}}|{{Data|{{{item}}}|name|{{{item}}}}}]]'''.|You hork it and jet.}}}}| #default={{#switch:{{#rand:1|2}}| 1={{haiku|Hey, look: it's a thing!|Just like you've always wanted!|Snag it while you can.}}|

2={{haiku|You find an item,|and trust me when I tell you:|it's quite a nice one!}}}}}}{{#if:{{{tohagnk|}}}|</td><td valign="middle" style="margin-left: .5em;">(stored in Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage)}}{{#if:{{{chance|}}}|</td><td valign="middle" style="margin-left: .5em; font-weight: bold">({{{chance}}} chance[[Statistics Notes|*]])}}}}</td></tr></table>


  • Singular: {{acquire|item=seal tooth}}
Tooth.gifYou acquire an item: seal tooth
  • Plural: {{acquire|item=seal tooth|num=1000}}
Tooth.gifYou acquire 1,000 seal teeth
  • Percent chance: {{acquire|item=lemon|chance=20%}}
Lemon.gifYou acquire an item: lemon (20% chance)*
  • Eleven: {{acquire|item=meat paste|num=11}}
Wad.gifYou acquire 11 meat pastes
(That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.)
Wad.gifYou acquire 23 meat pastes FNORD
Wad.gifYou acquire 37 meat pastes
(In a row?!)
  • Unknown item: {{acquire}}
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
  • Plural not yet known: {{acquire|item=Manual of Transcendent Olfaction|num=2}}
Book4.gifYou acquire 2 Manuals of Transcendent Olfaction
  • Plural not possible to get: {{acquire|item=Alarming strawberry juice|num=2}}
Bottle.gifYou acquire 2 Alarming strawberry juice(s)
  • Metadata not defined, singular: {{acquire|item=new unrecognized item}}
Nopic2.gifYou acquire an item: new unrecognized item Data:new unrecognized item
  • Metadata not defined, plural: {{acquire|item=new unrecognized item|num=2}}
Nopic2.gifYou acquire 2 new unrecognized item(s) Data:new unrecognized item
  • Random drop haiku for 2 syllable item: {{acquire|item=meat paste|beats=2}}
Hey, want a meat paste?
Feel the greed within you rise
come to the dark side.
  • Random drop haiku for any other number of syllables item: {{acquire|item=Manual of Transcendent Olfaction|beats=10}}
Hey, look: it's a thing!
Just like you've always wanted!
Snag it while you can.
  • Random drop haiku for 3 syllable unknown item: {{acquire|item=new unrecognized item|beats=3}}
Can't get what you want,
unless it's an new item.
  • Random drop haiku for any other number of syllables unknown item: {{acquire|item=new unrecognized item|beats=7}}
Hey, look: it's a thing!
Just like you've always wanted!
Snag it while you can.
  • Directly to Hagnk's: {{acquire|item=seal tooth|tohagnk=1}}
Tooth.gifYou acquire an item: seal tooth (stored in Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage)