Tattoo Redux

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Tattoo Redux
Tattoo Redux

You wander back into the tattoo parlor, and the artist greets you.

"Hey man. How's the ink?"

You shrug. "Well, it doesn't appear to be infected or anything."

"You want I should add some more to it? I've got a whole binder of those little nonsense squiggles."

"You know, it seems odd that a hobo wouldn't be able to read the hobo glyphs."

"Hah, man, I'm no hobo. I'm a biker."

"Well, I guess that explains it. Are there biker glyphs?"

"Kind of, but they're mainly burning skulls and eagles and stuff."

"Do they have individual meanings?"

"Not really, they all basically just mean 'I'm a biker with a burning skull and/or eagle on my arm'."


Get your tattoo updated for X hobo nickels

With enough nickels:

The guy pokes you with an ink-smeared needle for a few minutes. Looks like he added some more detail to the hobo glyph. You still have no idea what it means.

You have unlocked a new tattoo.

Without enough nickels:

You can't afford that phat tat, Matt. Also, your name is Matt now.


You decide to pass on getting jabbed with needles for the moment, and the biker refreshes your memory on how to get out of the marketplace.


  • The first tattoo upgrade costs 40 hobo nickels, and each further upgrade costs 20 more; the final (18th) upgrade costs 380 nickels, for an overall total of 3800 nickels.