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Non-combat rate

For the record, here's how I spaded this:

  • I spent 1,010 adventures in the Upper Chamber at +0% non-combat and (ignoring the one-time superlikely) found an apparent non-combat rate of 22.10%.
  • After I heard Ezandora suspected there might be a Black Forest-like mechanic here, I ran a few simulations and found that a 15% non-combat rate with the non-combat also being guaranteed if it's been seven turns would look like an effective non-combat rate of 22.05%.
  • I then spent 200 turns at +15% combat and confirmed that I still saw the non-combat every seven turns and at no other time. I spent another 100 at +10% to see if the non-combat would show up more often (it did).

The one detail I don't have is how the one-time superlikely interacts. It's easy to find out (in a fresh run, adventure in the Upper Chamber with +15% combat and see if your first wheel shows up on turn 7 or turn 13), but that requires ascending and I can't be bothered. --Cairnarvon (talk) 19:56, 30 September 2014 (UTC)