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So we should probably create an outline for the topics that we need to cover, in the order we want to cover them. We should probably explain the basic point of ascension first, then the specific benefits of doing so, then various different ways of going about those goals.

So, something like...

What is ascending?
What is kept and what is lost
Items and Hagnk's
Quests and events
Deli Llama, Pet Heaven, Jermery's Permery
Explain all three of those separately.
The Bureau of Reincarnation
Softcore Vs. Hardcore
Ronin and Pulls
Challenge Paths
Current path
Out-of schedule paths (Each explained separately)
Dietary paths
General tips for ascending well
Basic ideas for skills to perm (could be context sensitive for current class)
Classes vs. Avatars
Avatar points
Leaderboards and commendations
Ways to earn more karma (Nemesis/Sea quests, beating NS at level 13, making a leaderboard run)
Significant quests that take more than one ascension to complete fully (Sea/nemesis again, mainly)

...this is just to get us started. I'm sure I left some things out. --Chamou (talk) 19:42, 7 August 2014 (UTC)