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Formerly said "+10HP." Rants on the KOL Forum have had it at 4 or 5, and when I just bought the skill, my dressed HP went from 118 to 124. Naked and with only Seal Clubbing Frenzy, I am 83, and my raw Muscle is 74. Not sure where the extra point is coming from; maybe rounding. But the net gain was 6 or 7 HP for me, so I'm guessing the HP increase is relative. Disappoingingly, it seems to be even less than 10%. Maybe just nine. Er, gnigne. Oh damn...if that's it, I'll be both impressed with Jick's clevergness and depressed at the expegnsive joke. --Braingeyser 03:05, 27 Jul 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

  • Lessee: HP is usually Muscle+3, so 74 plus 2 for Frenzy should be 79 HP, making it +4 from Hardigness. Looks like +5% (rounded up), which is kignda crappy, really. —Yendor 04:41, 27 Jul 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

I have done some tests that seem to back up the "+5% HP (rounded up)" hypothesis. Here are the results of these tests:

Level 8 DB (all with Disco State of Mind, which should iterfere). First column is my buffed Mus, second is HP without Hardigness, third is HP with Hardigness, fourth is HP difference between those two, fifth is 5% of HP without Hardigness.

On the last two lines, I'm using HP-enhancing items (unlike in the other lines), to try to prove that the formula is based on your HP, and not your Muscle, which seems to be what's happening, comparing the last line without HP-enhancing items, and the last line without HP-enhancing items.

44 Mus	47 HP	50 HP	+3 HP	2.35
47 Mus	50 HP	53 HP	+3 HP	2.5
50 Mus	53 HP	56 HP	+3 HP	2.65
87 Mus	90 HP	95 HP	+5 HP	4.5

With HP-enhancing items (bonus on last column)
47 Mus	60 HP	63 HP	+3 HP	3.0	(+10HP)
84 Mus	117 HP	123 HP	+6 HP	5.85	(+30HP)

So it really seems like it's +5% HP (rounded up). Maybe more tests are required to be sure about this, though. --Pcentella 08:24, 5 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)