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Is it just me, or does this holiday seem pointless? I planted saplings and all I got were some lousy adventures that give me very little stats or lose hp. I was hoping it would lead to a cool exclusive new item/effect. I haven't seen any signs yet of my saplings growing. I can't even find them since the Arbortoreum is unaccessible today. I'm thinking maybe Jick is just screwing with us like he did with the shiny discs the Traveling Trader dropped awhile back. --Lemon-claw 00:43, 30 March 2008 (CDT)

  • "And it's customary for the pirates to go to the Arrrboretum and cut down last year's saplings to make more ships. For the environment." from the official description page. --CG1:t,c,e 09:22, 30 March 2008 (CDT)

So... anything going on for today? I checked all the areas, but didn't see anything. Then again I have the Island in Frat War mode so I couldn't check the cove. --07:33, 24 December 2007 (CST)

I see nothing new... perhaps they forgot to implement it? JimGamma 1507 GMT, 24 December 2007 Edit to add: [[1]] Apparently the new holidays don't come out until their actual calendar dates (Dia de los Muertos notwithstanding). JimGamma 1513 GMT, 24 December 2007

To quote CDMoyer from Noblesse Oblige: "Jick said on the radio that they hadn't planned on starting the new holiday's until the actual calendar dates on the calendars in the store. Which is a 2008 calendar, the NO calendar was just a bit too aggressive with its retroactive holidazation.

Expect Arrrbor day on this KoL day in 90 or so days." So yeah, it's just confusion that got people thinking it'd be today. Thank goodness, because Crimbo is plenty! --WhiskeyJack 09:42, 24 December 2007 (CST)

According to the NO's calendar the next Petember 4/Arrrrbor Day is March 29th.......--Vince3 18:23, 24 December 2007 (CST)

Today is Arrrbor Day!

Head down to the Distant Woods, and help the pirates plant some trees!--Wylin 23:14, 28 March 2008 (CDT)

Proparrr spelling

I see only three Rs in "Arrrbor Day" --Baltar 23:40, 28 March 2008 (CDT)

The true point of making a choice?

ze saplings..... they do nutzing! no point. --Lemon-claw 21:28, 31 March 2008 (CDT)

I think that the choice of tree doesn't affect the adventures you can get. (Because I got the PSA one with the the non-moxie tree.)

I think it decides the reward that one gets sometime later.

--Brion thenotgiant 00:21, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Considering the traffic cones from Sneaky Pete's Day, maybe there will be a reward at rollover after the holiday. With the three types of bags, I'm guessing the reward will be stat based, maybe even exp based on trees planted. The holiday description (pirates cutting down last year's trees) might suggest the reward comes at the next occurance of the holiday. Let's hope that isn't the case --Abyssal Light 00:36, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

I get the impression that each type of bag represents a stat, and for each tree you plant, you'll get a bonus for that stat later on (tomorrow, next holiday?). The description for the Saccharine Maple saplings mentions Moxie, and the Laughing Willow saplings mention "opening people's minds", so that might be mysticality. All just a guess mind you. --Melon 07:51, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Tree Planting Leaderboards

The login page has 3 leader boards for tree planting, so the question is - how do you plant a tree? Or maybe I haven't noticed? Because I haven't seen a "sewing your oats" type of adventure come up. --JRSiebz (|§|) 00:51, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Most of the adventures at the Arrrboreum have it in the text (maybe all, I don't remember).--Gils 16:25, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Losing the bag?

Has anyone figured out a way to get rid of the sapling bag you pick or otherwise change your choice of tree type short of ascending? I'm wondering this partly for the greater good reason that I'm curious to see if it's possible to plant more than one type of tree in a day and reap an interesting reward from it, and partly for the selfish reason that I made the mistake of assuming that the middle choice would be the Mysticality choice, and I don't want a freaking Moxie reward out of all of this when I'm trying to reach level 30 as a Sauceror.--Jett 11:56, 29 March 2008 (CDT)


The pirate still expects one to have the same bag from before one ascends after one ascends. This inability to get a new bag after ascending further implies a far-off reward.--Blzbob 15:31, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Is the bag you took to begin with still in Hagnks? That would explain why he still expects you to have it.--Stufff 17:15, 29 March 2008 (CDT)
bags are quest items so they evaporate and don't go in to hagnks. --Evilkolbot 17:39, 29 March 2008 (CDT)

Since there are some issues with ascensions it raises another question. If I do 100 battles and then ascend on the day will I get the equipment piece next arrbor day? Or is it like sneaky pete's day tattoo which is missed if you ascend after getting the adventure? --Taltamir (talk) 04:15, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

Spectral Pickle Factory link

There was a recent update on the talk page for Spectral Pickle Factory, saying that the factory will appear if you plant 11 trees of each type. But this seems a joke to me, coz we can only choose 1 type of bag??? --Nineheadeddragon 22:53, 1 April 2008 (CDT)

Check the link i gave on that page, or here, same link.[2] it was jick and skully who said it, on there radio show, they might have been joking of course, but i doubt it--Blood panther 22:57, 1 April 2008 (CDT)
  • that was a joke, as was revealed the next day. jick and skully have always said that "none shall know the hour of it's coming and going" about the pickle factory. pickle factory items aren't that expensive as it is for how few times it's shown up, so i doubt they'd bring it back very soon. --Glitterboy
  • As I said on the SP Factory page, the transcript is a joke. Read the whole transcript and the resulting thread. As far as I'm concerned, everything is fake. Also, look at the time that the transcript was posted. It was posted about 30 min before the J&S Show starts. --Rithe 23:34, 1 April 2008 (CDT)
    • I know for a fact that part of the transcript is real. at least the first question. how can I know this? because I was the one who sent that question in! I suppose it could be a coincidence, but it seems unlikly.--Blood panther 23:39, 1 April 2008 (CDT)

Planting Multiple Types

I didn't ascend after the last Arrrbor Day, so I have two different types of saplings. If I planted both, would I get both rewards next year, or does it depend on the quantity of each? Daltonator 09:39, 3 July 2008 (CDT)

Just planted 186 trees on arbor day II. Just storing the date because I want to. --Brion thenotgiant 18:21, 3 July 2008 (CDT)

An Exercise in Patience

Pulled from the Stumped talk page, fill 'er in next time around. --TechSmurf 20:25, 3 July 2008 (CDT)

Planted User Result
120 User:TechSmurf handful of Crotchety Pine needles
100 User:JRSiebz crotchety pants
150 User:JRSiebz multi Saccharine Maple pendant
75 User:Flargen handful of Laughing Willow bark
101 User:Revj
121 User:JohnDoe244
41 User:Itsatrap on II lump of Saccharine Maple sap
99 User:Itsatrap on III
135 User:Itsatrap multi on III
25 User:Hrag lump of Saccharine Maple sap
92 User:tanagra
142 User:Leicontis
111 user:Silophant
140 User:jamfan14
100 User:Toffile crotchety pants
150 User:Toffile (multi) Willowy Pendant
100 User:Urutsini crotchety pants
125 user:Urutsini Multi Saccharine Maple pendant
75 User:Urutsini Multi handful of Laughing Willow bark
105 User:Dunsel crotchety pants
95 User:GalenKemensen on III
51 User:Krendel handful of Crotchety Pine needles
75 User:Krendel multi willowy bonnet
88 User:Mailbox Head on II lump of Saccharine Maple sap
99 User:LobsterHime on III handful of Crotchety Pine needles
96 User:littlebum2002 on III
100 User:Telis_R on III Saccharine Maple pendant
101 User:Telis_R on IV crotchety pants
101 User:Telis_R on V (April 1) willowy bonnet
101 User:Telis_R on VI
102 User:Kingbowzer on IV
103 User:LobsterHime on IV
120 User:Azrane multi on IV crotchety pants
  • Note: The reward adventure and the bag adventure do consume turns but do NOT count as planting saplings! --JRSiebz (|§|) 04:23, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

I can confirm that planting multiple types of seedlings does not grant you multiple rewards. I had both of my multis plant over 100 willows and 20 or so of something else, and they just got the bonnet and nothing else. I presume the game will give you the reward for the sapling you planted the most of, with some selection method for ties, but further testing is needed for this. --Flargen 22:44, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

  • Just to confirm Flargen's point that multiple types doesn't give multiple rewards, I had my main plant 109 of each of the three types. We'll see in January, and hopefully I'll have a life by then. --Deus Ex Machina 03:18, 8 October 2008 (UTC)
    • More notes for January: I planted Crotchety Pines, then Laughing Willows, then Saccharine Maples. And in Timbarrrr!, I picked up the bag of Crotchety Pines. --Deus Ex Machina 04:09, 10 October 2008 (UTC)
      • Got the Crochety Pants. So you can't get multiple, and it's (probably) either what you plant first or what bag you pick up. --Deus Ex Machina 08:12, 11 January 2009 (UTC)
    • From a MySQL admin POV, the simplest way to handle this would probably be an INSERT... ON DUPLICATE UPDATE... query, or possibly add a pair of fields (tree type, number) to some account data table. The long and short of which is: I would expect it to be either the first (if type is set by Timbarrrr! and only the number is updated on each planting adventure) or the last (if both type and number are updated when you plant a tree) type of sapling planted which would determine the reward, rather than the most numerous. A further consequence of that would be that the total number of saplings planted would determine the reward, rather than the highest individual count. Flargen (and anyone else who's tried it), do your results support that?

      As an aside, thinking about it from a DB admin perspective would also explain gaining rewards even if you missed the previous Arrrbor Day: if it's the Stumped adventure which clears out your sapling data, then it'll still be there next time if you don't adventure in the Arrrboretum this time around. --GalenKemensen 08:29, 8 October 2008 (UTC)


Should it be noted on the page that if you miss an arrrbor day, your reward is based on the previous one that you participated in. I myself saw this today as I missed the second arrrbor day and I got a pair of pants today. --Chunky_boo 04:21, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

  • I imagine this is a bug and should be reported. Since I don't think the rewards zap into each other it's not exploitable for getting the outfit, but it is quite exploitable for collectors. --Flargen 04:54, 7 October 2008 (UTC)
    • It doesn't seem like a bug, I mean I never got a reward for the second arrbor day so maybe the server just checks the last one that you participated in. --Chunky_boo 05:01, 7 October 2008 (UTC)
      • It actually seems to make sense that rewards earned on one Arrrbor Day will carry over to the next time you check as opposed to ONLY the Arrrbor Day immediately following - because otherwise, a single day worth of Internet trouble or a busy schedule preventing you from logging in on that second Arrrbor Day would not only prevent you from planting trees THAT day, but it would also completely invalidate all the turns you'd already wasted planting trees the time before. Which would severely suck. So I have absolutely no problem with someone planting trees on Arrrbor Day #1, skipping Arrrbor Day #2 completely, but then getting the rewards from Arrrbor Day #1 when they check on Arrrbor Day #3. And I suspect the developers definitely wanted it to work that way. Douglas Hossenfeffer 21:38, 7 October 2008 (UTC)
    • I'm with the "I don't think this is a bug" side. Although the text of "Stumped" does read "search for the saplings you planted last year", I think reading it as "last time you came to the Arrrboretum" is not a stretch. Question: this time I went in hardcore and got my crotchety pine needle reward, but if I had been in Bad Moon, would I have still gotten the reward? --Club (#66669) (Talk) 22:29, 7 October 2008 (UTC) (+ editing my poorly worded text --Club (#66669) (Talk) 22:31, 7 October 2008 (UTC))
      • My HC character is in Bad Moon, and got Crotchety Pine Needles. My SC character got a Saccharine Maple Pendant. I really wish now that I'd made a note somewhere of how many adventures each of them spent planting trees the last time, but IIRC (and I could well be wrong) they both spent about the same number of adventures. --Cheddarbeer 02:29, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

Does every adventure plant a tree?

The text for "The Raven Haven", for example, never actually says you plant a tree.

October 9th J+Co. Radio show confirmed that every adventure plants a tree.--Alabit 03:46, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Possible Reference

The notion of pirates planting trees could be a reference to the computer game Escape from Monkey Island, in which Guybrush Threepwood is about to pick up a plant, but exclaims, "No way! Pirates don't plant trees!" --Weregoose 11:49, 11 April 2009 (UTC)