Superheated metal

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superheated metal
superheated metal

This is a conveniently ingot-shaped chunk of metal that is heatproof but not, as it turns out, superheatproof. You should be able to assemble it into various things before it cools.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: ingots of superheated metal)
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Item number: 8524
Description ID: 328432753
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Obtained From

The Bubblin' Caldera
basaltamander (if you have heat-resistant sheet metal in your inventory)
lava lamprey (if you have heat-resistant sheet metal in your inventory)
lavatory (if you have heat-resistant sheet metal in your inventory)

When Used

  • Using 1:
You can imagine making a lot of things out of this metal, but not out of only one piece of it.
  • Using 5:
Smoochbracer.gifYou acquire an item: SMOOCH bracers
  • Using 7:
Smoochknee.gifYou acquire an item: SMOOCH kneepads
  • Using 9:
Smoochshoulder.gifYou acquire an item: SMOOCH spaulders
  • Using 11:
Smoochcod.gifYou acquire an item: SMOOCH codpiece
  • Using 13:
Smoochbreast.gifYou acquire an item: SMOOCH breastplate
  • Using any other amount:
You can't figure out how to make anything interesting from that amount of metal.


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