Sunday Black Sunday

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Sunday Black Sunday
Sunday Black Sunday

You walk into the black church and hide behind a pew when you notice a chanting group of black-robed cultists up near the altar. You've stumbled into a black mass!

Attend the Mass

With insufficient black equipment:

You approach the mass of cultists, who immediately recognize your insufficient darkness and toss you on the alter[sic] in front of them.

The last thing you remember is your heart being removed. Then everything goes... heh... black.

HPYou lose all hit points.

With enough black equipment:

You approach the mass of cultists who, unable to see through the blackness of your disguise, welcome you to their circle. The chanting intensifies as the circle becomes a line.

The air in the church becomes electric as eerie music begins to play from the heap of destroyed instruments in the orchestra pit, and the line becomes a line dance.

You lose yourself in the music. The moment. You surrender yourself to the ownership of the ritual. The dance.

The dance...

Dance3.gifYou acquire an effect: Salsa Satanica
(duration: 13 Adventures)

Hours later, you wake up in a heap in the middle of the Black Forest, covered in sweat and brimstone.

After acquiring the effect, further attempts the same day:

You're not sure your soul can handle another profane ritual today.

Dive into the orchestra pit

You hurl yourself into the orchestra pit, cacophonously landing in a heap of discarded instruments. Not a one of them is in playable shape, except for the one of them that is, in direct contradiction to what I just said, in playable shape.

It's a drum and you steal it.

Kettledrum.gifYou acquire an item: black kettle drum

Sneak out the black back, black Jack

You black out the back door. I mean you back out the black door.

Leads to All Over the Map.

Occurs at The Black Forest.



  • "...lose yourself in the music. The moment" is a lyric from the Eminem rap "Lose Yourself."
  • "Sneak out the black back, black Jack" is a reference to the song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon.