Summon a Mushroom Familiar

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Frozen Gravy Fairy

Flaming Gravy Fairy

Stinky Gravy Fairy

iced-out bling

flaming glowsticks

limburger biker boots


This quest is available only to players who have ascended with a Mongoose, Wallaby, or Vole zodiac sign. So hurry up and ascend, already!




Upon bringing the annoying pitchfork to Mayor Zapruder:

Mayor Zapruder looks at the tiny pitchfork you've brought him.
"Spooky Gravy Fairies! I should've known.
Adventurer, you must help us put a stop to this menace. You'll need to find your way to the barrow where these fell creatures dwell, but you'll need a powerful Gravy Fairy to open the way for you.
You may have noticed the mushroom fields deep within the knoll. Please bring me a [flaming/frozen/stinky] mushroom, and I'll perform the ritual necessary to produce such a Fairy."

On subsequent visits:

"I need a [flaming/frozen/stinky] mushroom if I am to summon a familiar to help you, Adventurer. These mushrooms grow in the fields deep within the Knoll."

After growing the mushroom:

"Excellent, Adventurer. Please, hand me the mushroom..."
Iceshroom.gifYou acquire an item: pregnant frozen mushroom


Fireshroom.gifYou acquire an item: pregnant flaming mushroom


Stinkshroo.gifYou acquire an item: pregnant stinky mushroom

If you already have a familiar of the type requested:

"Excellent, Adventurer. Please, hand me the mushroom..."
"Ah. It looks like you've already got a [Flaming/Frozen/Stinky] Gravy Fairy. Well, let's see if I've got anything laying around that it could use..."
Icebling.gifYou acquire an item: iced-out bling


Glowsticks.gifYou acquire an item: flaming glowsticks


Bikerboots.gifYou acquire an item: limburger biker boots


  • The mushroom Mayor Zapruder asks for is random and is not affected by what familiars you currently have.
  • Alternatively, if you do not wish to spend the 6 days necessary to grow the mushroom requested, you can just as easily obtain one from the mall. Also, you can obtain any of the familiar equipment given by Mayor Zapruder from the mall.
  • One way to make the mushroom needed is to plant the first generation mushrooms in 1/3, 2/4, 3/1 and 4/2. The 2nd generations will appear on two opposite tiles in the middle, and two of the third generations will appear on the other two middle tiles.