Summer Nights

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Summer Nights
Summer Nights

This is a dog-eared paperback high-school romance novel. It differs from normal high-school romances, though, in that the main characters are all in their forties and have a rare brain disease that makes it so they can't stop singing.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Grease Lightning
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: copies of Summer Nights)
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Item number: 3244
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Obtained From

The Purple Light District
Sleaze hobo

When Used

You read the high-school romance novel. It sort of makes you wish they'd kept it confidential.

You acquire a skill: Greasebolt.gif Grease Lightning


  • This item is a reference to the musical Grease. "Summer Nights" and "Greased Lightning" are songs from it.
  • The "kept it confidential" part of the use text refers to the movie High School Confidential.

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