Stuffed frozen gravy fairy

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stuffed frozen gravy fairy
stuffed frozen gravy fairy

This is a stuffed frozen gravy fairy, not a frozen stuffed gravy fairy. The difference is in the surface temperature. This one isn't actually cold, but it is blue, comes with cute little felt snowflakes, and when you pull the string on the back, it chatters wildly.

How you use that feature is entirely -- and I do mean entirely -- your business.

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 10 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: stuffed frozen gravy fairies)
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Item number: 1977
Description ID: 794493566
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Obtained From

Clan Rumpus Room
Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game (sometimes)



  • The "chattering wildly," coupled with the last sentence, is most likely a reference to vibrating sexual toys.


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