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==Obtained From==
==Obtained From==
;[[The Haunted Billiards Room]]
;[[The Haunted Billiards Room]]
:''[[Welcome To Our ool Table]]'' ([[Ascension#One Time|one time]] drop)
:''[[Welcome To Our ool Table]]'' ([[Ascension#One-Time|one time]] drop)

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

How much Pool Skill is needed to obtain? 21 works, any lower values acceptable? (The quest tracker shows your pool skill values, note that it is affected by your drunkenness)

Spookyraven library key
Spookyraven library key

If a book is a doorway to another world, then a library is a room full of doors, and this key is, by extension, sort of like a janitor's master key for all of those other worlds.

Given the particular books in the Spookyraven library, though, you might be better off sticking to your weird-smelling janitor's closet instead.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Spookyraven library keys)
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Obtained From

The Haunted Billiards Room
Welcome To Our ool Table (one time drop)



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