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Your body has taken on the form of purified spookiness. It's a good thing your eyes are made of spookiness, too, otherwise you'd jump out of your skin the first time you accidentally saw yourself in a mirror. Provided your skin wasn't also also made out of spookiness. You get the idea.


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Effect number: 191
Description ID: 9574facc09b31e3b425537360569658f
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Obtained From


  • Changes all damage to Spooky Damage (including damage done by items, familiars, and equipment) and causes elemental damage to the player to follow the elemental rules.
  • Does not appear to affect damage from the Yuletide Bonfire as of August 4, 2008
  • Having Spookyform and at least 100 points of Spooky Damage or spooky spell damage will qualify you for the Dreadful, Just Dreadful trophy.
  • You are not allowed to fight Zombo while in Spookyform.