Spooky Putty monster

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Spooky Putty monster
Spooky Putty monster

This is a sheet of Spooky Putty with a picture copied onto it -- a picture of %copymonster! Yikes!

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Spooky Putty monsters)
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Item number: 3667
Description ID: 324375100
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Obtained From

Spooky Putty sheet

When Used

  • Upon clicking the [fight (1)] link, this item starts a combat against the monster which was copied with the Spooky Putty sheet. The monster's usual pre-fight text is replaced with:
"You put the copied monster on the ground in front of you, and look up it in horror as a full-sized <monster name> emerges from the sheet of Spooky Putty..."
  • If you ascend and pull this, and click [fight (1)], the game says:
"You can't tell what this is supposed to be a copy of. You squish it back into a sheet."
Sputtysheet.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Putty sheet


  • The combat consumes one adventure, except in the case of a BRICKO bat, BRICKO ooze, or any of the Mini-Hipster combat encounters.
    • No adventures are required to turn a pulled Spooky Putty monster back into a Spooky Putty sheet.
  • When fighting a copied monster, you can use the Spooky Putty sheet to copy the monster again, allowing you to fight the same monster over and over again (although the sheet is limited to 5 uses per day.)
  • When Spooky Putty first became available the description literally said "%copymonster", it now displays the actual monster type.
  • If you look at the item description, but no monster is currently copied onto the sheet, %copymonster is "something totally unrecognizable".
  • Can be used when falling-down drunk.

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