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Every character has a spleen, whether they like it or not. As with the stomach and liver, their spleen counter starts off at 0 (undamaged) every day after rollover and increases with the use of certain items.

As with fullness, spleen:

  • has a maximum of 15 which cannot be exceeded;
  • has no negative effect for reaching your limit for the day;
  • does not and (according to Jick) never will have any visible counter to tell the player how damaged their character's spleen is. Although if you know what an API is you can find out your current spleen through that. A Spleen indicator was added for Actually Ed the Undying on February 8, 2015, and will be displayed if you have "Display Fullness Counter (WARNING: Not funny.)" enabled.

As with both drunkenness and fullness, there is a skill that increases the maximum amount of spleen-damaging items you can use in one day from 15 to 20. The Spleen of Steel skill is only available to Oxygenarians.

Different items have different spleen damaging quantities -- a list can be found here.

  • When spleen is maxed out and you attempt to use a spleen item, the message 'Your spleen can't handle any more toxins today. You don't want it to rupture, do you?' will appear.
  • For a discussion on the comparative merits of spleen-damaging items, see Best Spleen Items.

Spleen Capacity Modifiers

These change how many spleen items you can sustain.

Name Modifier Notes
Spleen of Steel +5
  • Only available during Oxygenarian runs
  • Persists after freeing the King
Extra Spleen +5
Another Extra Spleen +5
Yet Another Extra Spleen +5
Still Another Extra Spleen +5
Just One More Extra Spleen +5
Okay Seriously, This is the Last Spleen +5
Tolerant Constitution +5
Robo-Spleen +2
  • A skill that can be learned from the LI-11 HQ at the cost of 2 pounds of social capital
  • Only available during License to Adventure runs runs
still-beating spleen +1
Being any Avatar of West of Loathing -5
Being Ed -10
Being a Plumber -10
  • Only available during Path of the Plumber runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
Being in a Nuclear Autumn -12
  • Only available during Nuclear Autumn runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
  • Also limited to size 1 spleen items
Being a Gelatinous Noob -15
  • Only available during Gelatinous Noob runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run
Being a Robot -15
  • Only available during You, Robot runs
  • Unlocked automatically at the beginning of the run

Spleen Modifiers

The following items or adventures can reduce your current spleen damage.

Spleen damage modifier Value of modifier Notes
extra-greasy slider -5
  • Reduces your current spleen damage by 5.
  • Increases fullness by 5 when consumed.
jar of fermented pickle juice -5
  • Reduces your current spleen damage by 5.
  • Increases drunkenness by 5 when consumed.
mojo filter -1
  • Reduces your current spleen damage by 1.
  • Can be used 3 times per day


  • Prior to February 8, 2015, attempting to use enough spleen items to exceed one's limit would produce the following message:
Too many <item> are bad for your spleen. That much would cause it to rupture.

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