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You're not feeling like you're quite all there, and there's a very good reason for this -- you're totally insubstantial.

You keep trying to touch yourself, and you can't. It's weird. The fact that you can't, not the fact that you're trying. That isn't unusual at all, you pervert.

You take and deal almost no damage

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Effect number: 613
Description ID: 810bbc77f3ef220d9d77ed395b9cc70c
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Obtained From


  • This lasts only 3 rounds, after which you lose the effect with the message:
    You fade back into view...
  • All damage taken is reduced to 1.
  • All damage dealt via attacks and skills is reduced to 1.
  • Spectal gained from either source uses the same counter, so only one use is allowed per combat.