Sour Softshoe

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Sour Softshoe

Sour Softshoe

You've just had a mouth-watering, and eye-watering piece of yellow taffy. The sour flavor got you wincing, and the mellow pineapple aftertaste has got you dancing.

+2X% Meat from Monsters
+X% Items from Monsters

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Effect number: 1229
Description ID: 837a60557fd5ce14e49b32aac622e5ed
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Obtained From


  • X is equal to the number of adventures remaining of the effect, capped at 50.

See Also

Summoned Pulled Taffy
Color of Pulled Taffy Combat Use (Underwater Only) Effect Rarity
Red Summons a red herring that gives you an underwater item at the end of combat. Cinnamon Challenger +X/10 Moxie Stats per Fight
+X/2 Moxie
Orange Summons an orange ruffian that deals 150-250 physical damage every round. Orange Crusher +X/10 Muscle Stats per Fight
+X/2 Muscle
Yellow Summons a Giant Yellow Manta Ray. (75 turn cooldown). Sour Softshoe +2X% Meat from Monsters
+X% Items from Monsters
Green Summons a green envyfish that copies your opponent in the form of an envyfish egg. Soda Jerked Regenerate X/2-X MP per Adventure Uncommon
Blue Summons a hairtriggerfish that turns some of your hits into criticals. Blue Swayed +X/10 to Familiar Weight
+X/5 Familiar Experience Per Combat
Indigo Summons a giant squid that banishes your opponent without consuming an adventure. Closer to Fine Regenerate X-2X HP per Adventure Uncommon
Violet Summons a purple octomom that restores your HP and MP at the end of combat and blocks your opponent in battle. Purple Reign +X/10 Mysticality Stats per Fight
+X/2 Mysticality
X is the number of turns of the effect remaining, capped at 50. All fractions are rounded up.