Software glitch

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software glitch
software glitch

#INS{This is a club used to club seals. You could probably club other things with it, too. Just make suERROR: LINE 40 UNEXPECTE$$

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 13 Meat.

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(In-game plural: software glitches)
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Item number: 3744
Description ID: 249918458
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Obtained From

The Bugbear Pens
bugged bugbear (Pickpocket only)

When Used

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Nopic2.gif You acquire an item: undefined

You gain [NaN] Muscleboundness.
You gain -23 Enchantedness
You gain 4294967296 Smarm.

  • When used first time on a day:
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
  • If you try to use it against a monster marked as boss (item is not consumed):
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  • Turns current monster into a bugged bugbear.
  • The item can be used on bugged bugbears.
  • Grants an extra adventure the first time it's used successfully on a day.


  • The message "Use of undefined constant" is an actual error reported by PHP when a string literal is not enclosed within quotes (most often when dealing with an array index); however, it is not a "Fatal Error", but only a "Notice" (which would normally not be displayed by default).
  • 4294967296 is 2^32, one more than the maximum value of a 32-bit unsigned integer (probably the most common size of unsigned integers). Since this number is equivalent to 0 when stored as a 32-bit integer (signed or unsigned), that might be the joke.
  • [NaN] stands for Not a Number, and is used in floating-point computing to represent the result of an operation with invalid inputs, such as zero divided by zero.
  • The glitched item description references the seal-clubbing club, which has the item number 1.

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