Skeletal Warrior

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Skeletal Warrior

Skeletal Warrior

You've got a skeletal warrior following you around and doing your bidding. As long as your bidding can be done with a rusty sword and a sturdy shield, you're as golden as a fleece.


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Effect number: 1122
Description ID: 24b65cd8925245a53f83e66607123af1
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(Interactions between skeleton effects not fully spaded. Take the below with a grain of salt.)

  • Automatically delevels enemy's attack at the start of combat.
  • Acts as a secondary familiar that does physical damage to enemies each round of combat.
  • Certain combinations of this effect with other Skeleton effects are enhanced as follows:
    • Warrior + Cleric: Warrior's start-of-combat attack delevel is enhanced. Cleric's damage per round is increased. (2nd needs confirmation)
    • Warrior + Wizard: Warrior's attacks do additional Hot damage.
    • Warrior + Rogue: Rogue does damage every round, as well as the pre-combat attack.
    • Warrior + Buddy: Warrior's start-of-combat attack delevel is enhanced.

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