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==Obtained From==
==Obtained From==
*Choosing choice "A rusty sword and shield" in [[Skeletons and The Closet]].
*Choosing choice "A rusty sword and shield" in [[Skeletons and The Closet]]. (30 Adventures)

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Skeletal Warrior

Skeletal Warrior

You've got a skeletal warrior following you around and doing your bidding. As long as your bidding can be done with a rusty sword and a sturdy shield, you're as golden as a fleece.

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Effect number: 1122
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Obtained From


  • Delevels enemy's attack by 10-12 at the start of combat.
    Your skeletal warrior flexes his. . . humerus? Anyway, it seems to intimidate your opponent.
    Your skeletal warrior unhinges his jaw and lets out an awful ululating screech. Your foe cowers.
    Your skeletal warrior beats his sword against his shield in your opponent's direction. He looks a little intimidated...
    Your skeletal warrior cracks his knuckles, then his neck, then every other joint. It freaks out your opponent a little bit.
    Your skeletal warrior detaches his skull and waves it defiantly at your opponent. He looks a little freaked out.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
  • Attacks your opponent for 9-12 damage during each round of combat.
    In stilted, stop-motion-style action, your skeletal warrior hits your foe for X damage.
    Your skeletal warrior brutally slashes your opponent with his sword, dealing X damage. It looks totally awesome.
    Your skeletal warrior has a bone to pick with your foe, but settles for a sword to slash for X damage.
    Your skeletal warrior slashes your opponent for X damage, leaving him thoroughly boned.
    Your skeletal warrior thrusts his sword through your opponent, doing X damage and looking like a bad-ass heavy metal album cover.
  • Certain combinations of this effect with other Skeleton effects are enhanced as follows:
    • Warrior + Cleric: +10 to Warrior's devel (and also improves the cleric's attack)
      The skeletal warrior and cleric nip off to the tavern for a few minutes, and come back in a significantly better mood.
    • Warrior + Wizard: +5-6 Hot damage to Warrior's attack.
      The skeletal wizard snaps his fingers, and the warrior's sword is suddenly wreathed in flames. Sweet.
    • Warrior + Rogue: Rogue does damage every round, as well as the pre-combat attack.
    • Warrior + Buddy: Warrior's start-of-combat attack delevel is enhanced.
      Your skeletal buddy approaches the warrior with a microwave burrito, saying "Hey buuuuddy, weeze a little grindage?" The warrior eats it. Somehow.


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