Sing This Explosion to Me

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Sing This Explosion to Me
Sing This Explosion to Me

You walk outside to the lawn in front of the frat house, where you find a circle of frat boys standing wide-eyed and drop-jawed around a small, smoking crater. "What happened here?" you ask.

"Dude, I don't know, bra," a frat boy responds. "Some stinky dude with dreadlocks came up to us with this water pipe in his hand. We thought he might be, y'know, trying to be kind to us, so we didn't attack him right off. So he passes the pipe to Chad over there." The frat boy gestures to the crater. "The pipe exploded, bra! It totally took out Chad!"

You hear something flapping in the breeze overhead, and look up. An orcish baseball cap floats gently down from the sky and comes to rest atop the smoking crater (next time, see if you can get seated in the non-smoking crater -- it's more healthy). "I take it that's --"

"Chad's hat, bra." The frat boys all take their hats off and put them over their hearts. "Hope you're havin' fun up in that frat-boy lean."

"Do you mind if I take the hat?" you ask. "I think Chad would have wanted someone to go on wearing it, to keep his memory alive."

You somehow manage to stifle your laughter long enough to pick up the hat and get going. I mean... frat boy lean? What?

Cap.gifYou acquire an item: Orcish baseball cap

Occurs at the Orcish Frat House, on or after level 9.


  • This event foreshadows the war between the hippies and the frat boys, in particular the water pipe bomb.


  • The title of the adventure refers to The Sisters of Mercy song "This Corrosion".
  • "Frat boy lean" is a reference to the D.R.S. song "Gangsta Lean". In the song, the gangsta lean is where gang members go when they die.