Silent Treatment

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Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 20
usable once per fight

If somebody thinks they can decide what kind of damage you can do to them, you've got news for them. Actually you've got no news for them. Would you please tell them I've got no news for them?

Give your enemy the silent treatment, letting them know you don't care about their resistances

Source: The Journal of Mime Science Vol. 4
Price: N/A
Class: Sauceror
Level: N/A
When Used:
You give it the silent treatment, but it doesn't really care what you think, so it's not at all effective.


You turn away from it, making it very clear that you don't care what kind of damage it thinks you're not allowed to do to them.


  • When used on an enemy, removes their damage resistance (either elemental or physical). This includes Monster Level damage resistance and damage immunity (such as ghosts' 100% physical damage reduction), but does not include elemental alignment (e.g. hot damage to a hot-aligned monster), or damage hard caps (like that the wall of skin has), or damage soft caps (like the Mer-kin raider has).
  • This skill is ineffective against bosses, and most uncopyable/challenge monsters.