Silent Slice

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Silent Slice

Silent Slice

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 5

You never hear the one that gets you. Especially when the one that gets you is doing this.

Source: record of menacing silence
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Spooky damage, delevels, stuns for one round
When Used:
You slink silently into the shadows behind your opponent and deliver a vicious (but quiet) slash, dealing X damage and exposing some of his more sensitive bits.
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by Y
Your opponent, confused by your silent movement, takes a moment to get his bearings and locate you.


  • The amount of Spooky Damage dealt is a random value within the base damage range of the weapon in your main hand, or double the range if that weapon is a knife.
    • For example, with a black sword (sword, damage range 16-32) equipped, the skills deals 16-32 damage. With a batblade (knife, damage range 15-29) equipped, the skill deals 30-58 damage.
    • Without a weapon equipped in the main hand, the skill deals 1-2 damage.
  • The amount of deleveling (Y) is half the amount of damage (X), rounded down, minimum 1.
  • Stuns opponent for one turn.
  • Using any Silent skill deactivates all the Silent skills for the remainder of the combat.

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