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Shell Up

Shell Up

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 6
usable once per fight

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, and this skill allows you to embrace that fact, tame your inner turtle, crouch down, and allow your shell to protect you from your opponent's next attack.

Prevents an opponent's next attack from dealing damage

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 1,250 Meat
Class: Turtle Tamer
Level: 5
Effect: Blocks your opponent's attack and deals damage. Its function is altered by Turtle Blessings.
When Used:
With no blessing:

You hunker down and form a shell of psychic energy around yourself.
Upon blocking an attack:
Your opponent bounces off of your psychic shell, suffering X damage while you suffer none.

With a Blessing of the War Snapper:
You hunker down, trusting in the fierce protection of the War Snapper.
Upon blocking an attack (with War Snapper):
Your opponent impales himself on the razor-sharp spikes that erupt from your shell, suffering Y damage. The War Snapper is pleased.

With a Blessing of She-Who-Was:
You hunker down, slipping partway out of the world and into the embrace of She-Who-Was.
Upon blocking an attack (with She-Who-Was):

Your foe passes through you as She-Who-Was protects and comforts you.
HPYou gain Z hit points.

With a Blessing of the Storm Tortoise:
You hunker down, and the Storm Tortoise surrounds you in a shell of solid lightning.
Upon blocking an attack (with Storm Tortoise):

Your opponent touches your electric shell. There is a whiff of ozone and a clap of thunder as it is knocked to the ground and bound by chains of arcing lightning.


  • This skill blocks an attack in the current combat round, if the attack would have hit you. However, if the opponent misses, this skill does nothing and does not trigger its additional function.
    • Monsters will never fumble on the round after you cast Shell Up. (source)
  • The block is notable for working against enemies that are usually immune to staggers.
  • With a wicker slicker, can be cast multiple times per combat.
  • Blocking triggers an additional function based on your current blessing.
Blessing Effect
None Damages enemy. Damage is 10% of your Muscle.
Blessing of the War Snapper Damages enemy. Damage is 15% of your Muscle.
Grand Blessing of the War Snapper Damages enemy. Damage is 20% of your Muscle.
Glorious Blessing of the War Snapper Damages enemy. Damage is 25% of your Muscle.
Blessing of She-Who-Was Restores 4-5 HP
Grand Blessing of She-Who-Was Restores 8-10 HP
Glorious Blessing of She-Who-Was Restores 18-20 HP
Blessing of the Storm Tortoise Stuns for 3 rounds
Grand Blessing of the Storm Tortoise Stuns for 4 rounds
Glorious Blessing of the Storm Tortoise Stuns for 5 rounds
  • When used with Storm Tortoise, while the opponent is stunned:
Your opponent struggles against the chains of lightning that bind it.
  • On the round in which the Storm Tortoise stun ends:
The shackles of lightning surrounding it finally dissipate into the ground.

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