Setting the Clock

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Setting the Clock
Setting the Clock

You duck into the clock tower and find the button they use to set it. Do you want to convince everybody in town that it's later in the day than it really is?

(this will advance the time you've spent in the city today by 5 Adventures.)

Yes, set the clock forward
You press the button five times, making the clock move forward by... five units.

No, leave it alone
It's already late enough for your tastes.

Occurs at Gingerbread Civic Center with the Digital Clock Tower upgrade.


  • Can only occur once per day.
  • Does not cost an Adventure.
  • Selecting No does not change the time spent in Gingerbread City.
  • Selecting Yes DOES count as a turn spent in Gingerbread City. As such, selecting Yes actually advances the time by 6.