Scroll of Protection from Bad Stuff

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scroll of Protection from Bad Stuff
scroll of Protection from Bad Stuff

Granted, these scrolls are mass-produced and the Dungeoneer's Guild buys them in bulk, but they're still pretty effective. The title is kind of a disappointing misnomer, though, because it only protects you from elemental damage, not all bad stuff. You're on your own against, say, tax audits. Or stepping in dog crap. Or knives.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 100 Meat.
Effect: Protection from Bad Stuff (20 Adventures)So-So Hot Resistance (+2)
So-So Cold Resistance (+2)
So-So Stench Resistance (+2)
So-So Spooky Resistance (+2)
So-So Sleaze Resistance (+2)

(In-game plural: scrolls of Protection from Bad Stuff)
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Item number: 6251
Description ID: 900109531
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Obtained From

dungeoneering kit

When Used

You chant the incantation written on the scroll, and immediately feel protected against several very specific varieties of bad stuff.
Scroll1.gifYou acquire an effect: Protection from Bad Stuff
(duration: 20 Adventures)


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