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Sauce Cursing is a mutually exclusive brand of combat skill to help turn the tides in battle. While every related skill falls within the Sauceror's guild learnset, any class can cast a curse in combat and get most of the benefit.


Curses, once cast, provide some sort of ongoing service for the player until the end of combat, be that ongoing damage, deleveling, or recovery. Only one curse can be cast per monster; all other options are greyed-out afterward so that attempts to cast another are impossible.


The following Sauceror skills are curses, and only one can be cast per combat:

Skill Level Cost Effect
Curse of Vichyssoise 1 2 MP Cursing the foe with ongoing Cold Damage; increases damage with higher Cold Resistance.
Curse of Marinara 6 4 MP Deals approximately 3% of the foe's attack in damage every round, and heals the player for the same amount. Has Sauceror-only HP-related Kickback effect.
Curse of the Thousand Islands 8 6 MP Causes the foe to have a 30% chance of being staggered for a round, causing their attack to miss.
Curse of Weaksauce 12 8 MP Delevels the foe's attack and defense each round, averaging about 3% of the monster's original attack value. Has Sauceror-only MP-related Kickback effect.

Skills interacting with Cursing

Currently, there is only one skill that affects the use of Curses:

  • Itchy Curse Finger, a passive that causes the casting of a curse to stagger the foe. Saucerors can learn this at level 8.

Sauceror Kickback Effects

For two of the curses, there is an additional effect for Saucerors that finish off their opponents with a spell:

  • Curse of Marinara: If active, heals you 30% of the damage dealt by the killing spell, capped at 50 HP.
  • Curse of Weaksauce: If active, replenishes MP equal to 30% of the damage dealt by the killing spell, capped at 50 MP.

In both of these cases, dealing at least 167 spell damage as the final blow is sufficient to reach the cap.


  • Saucerors were revamped alongside Pastamancers on November 15, 2013, during the Peripatetic Pasta event. Among the new skills both classes had available to them, Saucerors gained the ability to use Curses to assail enemies.

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