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All of your familiars have been turned into baby piggies. They are absolutely adorable.

They are also absolutely useless.

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Effect number: 1640
Description ID: 09b745e8c11036f8ee9cbaafabb86dba
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Obtained From


  • Turns all your familiars into pigs, preventing them from acting and from being Tossed. Their images in the charpane and your local terrarium are turned into Somepig.gif this image, but everywhere else, the image remains the same.
  • At end of combat, one of these messages will appear:
    Somepig.gif <name> blinks at you with huge adorable eyes.
    Somepig.gif <name> grunts happily and nuzzles your foot with a little pink snout. D'awwwww.
    Somepig.gif <name> has apparently found a large rubber ball somewhere, and falls over trying to jump on top of it.
    Somepig.gif <name> makes happy piggy sounds.
    Somepig.gif <name> makes little grunty noises while snuffling around looking for truffles.
    Somepig.gif <name> rolls around contentedly in a mud puddle.
    Somepig.gif <name> squeals delightedly while chasing a butterfly.
    Somepig.gif <name> tries to do a somersault, and falls over.
  • This effect lasts until you defeat the surprised and annoyed witch or the extremely annoyed witch.
  • This effect has almost no effect on the Black Cat. It will still stop you using skills, replacing them with attacks, and will still lower your stat gains after combat.