SMOOCH breastplate

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SMOOCH breastplate
SMOOCH breastplate

It's really more of an inflexible, spiked harness than a breastplate, but "breastplate" is shorter and also has the word "breast" in it..

Type: shirt
Power: 105
Muscle Required: 37
Outfit: SMOOCH Army Uniform
  (5 items)

Selling Price: 105 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Damage Absorption +40
Damages Attacking Opponent

(In-game plural: SMOOCH breastplates)
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Item number: 8521
Description ID: 111720430
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Asterisk.gif 13 ingots of superheated metal
Equals.gif SMOOCH breastplate


  • When a monster successfully hits you in combat:
Your foe skewers itself on your spiky breastplate, suffering 8-10 (+8-10) damage.

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