Rummaging through the Garbage

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Rummaging through the Garbage
Rummaging through the Garbage

You flip open your garbage tote and rummage around through the amassed holiday waste.

Grab a deceased crimbo tree Deadcrimbotree.gif

You grab the deceased crimbo tree from the tote.

Deadcrimbotree.gifYou acquire an item: deceased crimbo tree

Looks like it has 1,000 needles remaining.

Grab a broken champagne bottle Chambottle.gif

You grab a broken champagne bottle from the tote.

Chambottle.gifYou acquire an item: broken champagne bottle

Looks like it has 11 ounces of champagne remaining.

Grab a mass of tinsel Tinseltrousers.gif

You grab the mass of tinsel and carefully shape it to perfectly fit your lower half.

Tinseltrousers.gifYou acquire an item: tinsel tights

Grab some used tape Usedtape.gif

You grab some used tape and consider making a brooch or a pterodactyl, but instead make a... lovely hat.

Usedtape.gifYou acquire an item: wad of used tape

Assemble a shirt Garbageshirt.gif

You grab some discarded manuals, warranty cards, and colorful cardboard scraps. You slap them together, crafting a shirt.

Garbageshirt.gifYou acquire an item: makeshift garbage shirt

Looks like you can read roughly 37 scraps on your shirt.

Ignore the garbage for now

Occurs when using the January's Garbage Tote.


  • The deceased crimbo tree, broken champagne bottle, and makeshift garbage shirt do not share a counter with each other, but if you put one of them back in the tote, then pick it out again at some later point, it will have the same "charge" left.
  • When all of an item's charges are expended, you will automatically discard it. However, you can retrieve the item from the tote and continue to use it for its other enchantments.
  • Item charges are refilled at rollover.
    • However, an item left in your inventory through rollover will retain its charges from the previous day and will be recharged the first time you retrieve a new instance of that item. This means it's possible to bank one day's worth of charges on a single item.
  • You may have only one piece of garbage tote equipment out at a time, making this item functionally similar to a foldable.
Deciding your crimbo tree is a little too Charlie Brown, you toss it back in the tote.
Seeing as your broken champagne bottle is already broken, you toss it back in the tote.
You consider donating your tights to the salvation army, but decide to be kind and just toss them out.
You toss the used tape back where it belongs.
You rip apart your makeshift shirt and toss it back in the trash.


January's Garbage Tote variants (via Rummaging through the Garbage)
Item Type Enchantments Limited ability
Deadcrimbotree.gif deceased crimbo tree Off-hand None Blocks damage while needles remain
Chambottle.gif broken champagne bottle 1-handed knife
  • Regenerate 4-8 MP per adventure
  • Weapon Damage +50%
Doubles item drop bonus while the champagne flows
(11 combats per day)
Tinseltrousers.gif tinsel tights Pants
Usedtape.gif wad of used tape Hat
  • All Attributes +10%
  • +15% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +30% Meat from Monsters
Garbageshirt.gif makeshift garbage shirt Shirt
  • +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
  • +3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
  • +10 Stench Damage
Doubles stat gains from monsters while it's readable
(37 combats per day)