Ruby Rod

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Ruby Rod
Ruby Rod

This is a weapon forged from an ancient mystical ruby. It's the only instrument capable of gathering the six elements necessary to defeat the evil elder god Mai'lii, born of Cyrus the Virus.

If only the rod didn't keep up an incessant stream of annoying chatter in a breathy, high-pitched voice, everything would be supergreen.

Type: weapon (1-handed rod)
Damage: 12 - 24
Muscle Required: 40
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Ruby Rods)
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Item number: 4066
Description ID: 162934151
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Obtained From

Seaside Megalopolis
Extra Savior Faire (one-time drop)


omigod listen omigod man you hit for X damage. Supergreen! KERBLAM! BONK! ZOT!
The Rod says, "Freeze those knees, my chickadees!" You're baffled, but you still hit for X damage. BAM! SOCKO! WHACK!
The Rod says, "It must pop, pop, POP!" as you use it to hit for X damage. BOINK! SPLAT! BONK!
The Rod says, "Omigod listen my man, listen, I can't hit this guy you've got to do something, man!" You crack the Rod against <it> for X damage. BOOF! POW! ZAP!
The Rod says, "quiver, ladies, quiver!" as you hit for X damage. ZAP! BONK! KAPOW!
The Rod says, "I'm freezing, Decken! I'm freezing in here, man! This is not green!" It absorbs the ice into its ruby, then spits out a disc that's so cold you could stick your tongue to it
Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of cold
The Rod says, "That alien's freakin' me out, my man, that's freaky, freaky, Decken, omigod, my man!" It absorbs the chestburster into its ruby, then spits out the scariest disc you've ever seen.
Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of fright
The Rod says, "omigod, Decken, omigod that flame is hot, man! It's hot!" It absorbs the flame into its ruby, then spits out a red-hot disc.
Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of heat
The Rod says, "Woah, that ain't right. That just ain't right, Decken, my man, Decken, that ain't right, my man." It absorbs the "attachment" into its ruby, then spits out a vibrating, pulsating disc you don't really want to touch.
Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of kink
The Rod says, "omigod, Decken, that smells bad! I mean, that smells bad, my man!" It absorbs the android's foul blood in to its ruby and spits out a fetid little disc.
Datadisk.gifYou acquire an item: essence of stench


  • If this is your equipped weapon (in your main or off-hand, but not on your Disembodied Hand) while working on the Future quest, you can gain essences used to complete the quest. You will need to hold off killing the monster until it uses an elementally aligned attack, after which you hit the monster and Ruby Rod will absorb and create an essence.
    • Attacking, but failing to hit the monster, still results in the creation of an essence.


  • This references the overall plot of The Fifth Element and to Ruby Rhod from the same movie, a TV host who was given to incessant chattering.
  • Furthermore, Mai'lii and Cyrus the Virus are allusions to Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.