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While wandering through Whitey's Grove, you find yourself inexplicably thrown into a raging torrent of whitewater rapids. Now you understand why they don't call them calmwater slows.

Looking down the river, you see it split into three paths -- one leads into a cave, one into a dense copse of trees, and one towards what looks like a burned down laundromat.

Steer for the cave

The rapids deposit you into a dark cave. You wander through it for a while before discovering a ghostly face hovering in the darkness. You inspect it more closely, and find it to be a slightly-too-dark shade of pale. You feel more in tune with the cosmos for having tripped that particular light fandango.

You gain 29 Magicalness.

Steer for the trees

The rapids deposit you into a grove of trees. You wander around it for a bit, and come across a bizarre contraption half-concealed under a pile of leaves.

Closer examination reveals it to be a still. You wait for a few seconds to see if it turns into something else, but it's still a still. You look around to make sure nobody's watching, and hork some of the moonshine.

You acquire 3 jars of white lightning

Steer for the laundromat

The rapids deposit you into the ruins of a burned-down laundromat. You pick through the charred rubble until you find something (surprise!) white. You acquire an item: white collar

Occurs at Whitey's Grove.