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This is like binoculars, except made for myopic nerds instead of... whoever usually uses binoculars. Birdwatchers? Black Ops guys? Urban perverts?

Actually, they're not just for myopic nerds. Anything with four eyes can use them, except perhaps for a very small potato, or the word "italicization".

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: He-Boulder
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

+5 to Familiar Weight
Helps Your He-Boulder See Better (x4)

(In-game plural: pairs... sets(?) of quadroculars)
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Item number: 4149
Description ID: 289983640
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Obtained From

The Cake-Shaped Arena
Every 5th win with a He-Boulder equipped
box of Familiar Jacks


  • Reduces the timeout between major rays from 150 turns to 101.

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