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pygmy phone number
pygmy phone number

This scrap of paper has a 4-digit phone number scrawled on it, which can only mean one of two things: It's either an incomplete phone number, and therefore useless, or the phone number of a pygmy, and therefore extremely dangerous.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 86 Meat.
Effect: Pygmy Drinking Buddy (15 Adventures)He is violent and unpredictable!

(In-game plural: pygmy phone numbers)
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Item number: 6722
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Obtained From

The Hidden Bowling Alley
drunk pygmy
Calculate the Universe (with a final result of 22)

When Used

You find a pay phone in the jungle (which is all right by you), and dial the number.

A voice on the other end shouts "Drinks!? I'm -hic- on my way!" and a drunk pygmy shows up a few seconds later, looking at you expectantly.

Drunkpygmy.gifYou acquire an effect: Pygmy Drinking Buddy
(duration: 15 Adventures)

If you already have Pygmy Drinking Buddy:

You call your pygmy drinking buddy, forgetting that he's right next to you.

"I'm... -hic-... I'm right here, dude. Hey, hey, I know. I know. Let's go -hic- drink some more."

Drunkpygmy.gifYou acquire an effect: Pygmy Drinking Buddy
(duration: 15 Adventures)



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