Psychokinetic energy blob

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psychokinetic energy blob
psychokinetic energy blob

This is a pulsating sphere of ghostly green energy, about the size of a grapefruit. You think maybe it's... somebody's soul? Or like, a part of somebody's soul? Just try not to think about the theological implications of swallowing it.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

Restores 20-30 MP

(In-game plural: psychokinetic energy blobs)
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Item number: 9085
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Obtained From

protonic accelerator pack (after combat with a ghost)

When Used

You squish the psychokinetic energy down to about the size of a walnut, then swallow it.
MPYou gain 20-30 Mana Points.
if you have not yet unlocked the tattoo

A spooky green mist appears in front of your eyes and briefly coalesces into the number X before fading from view.


  • The mist counts down from 999. After consuming 1,000 energy blobs, the mist reaches zero and you get a tattoo.
A hollow laugh fills the air. The skin on your arm begins to sizzle.
Protontat.gifYou have unlocked a new tattoo.


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