Prop Deportment

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Prop Deportment
Prop Deportment

You open the door of the prop storeroom, which appears to have been converted from a small workshop -- there's a rack of tools on one wall, above a worktable, and... is that an ammunition reloading bench?

Anyway, there's several boxes of props stacked here. Most of it looks pretty useless, but there's a large interesting-looking mirror, and a chainsaw sitting on the workbench catches your eye as well.

Examine the chainsaw

Someone has put a little sticky-note on the chainsaw: "Remember to take the chain off first! Dangerous!" (And then a smiley-face.)

A chainsaw is a pretty classic monster-killing weapon, but you decide you don't want to carry that heavy thing around. You do take the chain, though, in case you get into some kind of crazy ninja fight.

Chainsawchain.gifYou acquire an item: chainsaw chain

Examine the reloading bench

Examine the mirror

It turns out to be one of those crazy warped funhouse mirrors -- it makes you look all short and fat. Pretty weird thing to find in a place where everyone is obsessed with how they look over basically all other concerns. Maybe that's why it's shut up in the storeroom instead of being hung up somewhere? You decide to take it with you, in case you get a chance to rectify that situation.

Funhousemirror.gifYou acquire an item: funhouse mirror

Occurs in The Haunted Sorority House.