Primitive Radio Duds

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Outfit number: 55
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The Primitive Radio Duds is an outfit.

[[File:{{{image}}}|link=Notes Tattoo]]
Primitive Radio Duds

Outfit Bonus:

Hat: Vol hat.gif Voluminous Radio Hat
Pants: Vol pants.gif Voluminous Radio Pants
Accessory: Vol sneakers.gif Voluminous Radio Sneakers
Primitive Radio Duds (Male)


Primitive Radio Duds (Female)


  • This outfit allows you to get the Notes Tattoo from the Pretentious Artist.
  • The Halloween candy (if there is one) for this outfit is not yet implemented. Trick-or-treating results in a blank adventure and a seal-clubbing club.
  • All items in this outfit have external links in the descriptions. The only other items that have those are the bitchin' meatcar and the Totally Gay Claymore.
  • The outfit name is a play on the band Primitive Radio Gods